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Madrassa On-Air P3: Leadership in Islam

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Theme: Developing Islam in me

Leadership In Islam & It’s Progression

What is meant by leadership in Islam?

Leadership is a quality that should be sought after by every Muslim, a quality that shows proactiveness.  The quality to lead, guide, motivate, encourage, show the how, serve, help, protect, identify positivity and strive for it, identify negativity and strives for abstinence, strength & weaknesses, strive to give the right, dignity and honour to every other creature that they deserve, preserves the environment and is always concerned of all others.  Does things in the best interest of all others with the vision of the guidance from Allah to live for this world and the next.  Self-esteem – not afraid to try (persistent / persevere.

Thus when Allah said in the Holy Qur’an in Surah 2 Baqara verse 30 {And when your Lord said to the angels “Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successor”}  It is these qualities that was referred to.  Please also check Surah 2 Baqara verses 30 – 39.  We see that Nabi Adam AS was created as an adult.  He was not left to develop with childhood but was endowed / created with all the abilities and skills to rear and nurture as the father of the human race.  His children was created to go throw the stages of development i.e. baby with a clear slate, develops as a toddler, then the teens then adolescent.  He gains and grows as he develops through the various stages until he/she gets old and frail.  He/she is expected to have benefited from the life on earth, used and applied the good lessons, left a good legacy as a positive for his/her offspring.

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