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Outrage over picture of women caged at the back of bakkie

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Yesterday, a picture of a women seated in a cage at the back of a bakkie surfaced on social media. While the picture stirred social media commentators, many voicing outrage at the incident, the Eastern Cape driver, Johan Erasmus, has since explained that the farm-worker, Linda Senekal, requested to sit in the cage.

The farmer explained that Senekel, allegedly four months pregnant, requested a lift from him and due to the heat requested to sit in the sheep cage located in the rear of the bakkie.

In a video released on social media, a women requests that Senekal explain the incident.

“I asked for a lift from the farmer and he gave it to me. He asked me if I wanted to sit in front and I said ‘no it’s too hot and I’d rather sit in the back, because we are used to climbing in at the back’,” Senekal explained.

The women in the video subsequently tells Senekal:

“And the boss always helps people in need of assistance. So we think we are doing a good deed, but other people are reporting the entire story incorrectly. It musnt be a long story, so [Senekel] just say that you appreciate it every time that someone helps you, [because] its not easy to get a lift into town.”

Meanwhile, the ANC Women’s League has expressed outrage at the farmer, further stating that the incident is extremely offensive.

Echoing popular sentiment, director of Women on Farms Project, Colette Solomon asserts that the incident showed that old patterns of power inequality and power hierarchy were still common.

Solomon added that racism was still the norm in farming areas, and that by and large, those socioeconomic relationships of inequality are still very much in place.

Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, has called for the police to immediately investigate the matter.

Though the video provides clarity on the matter, many commentators have noted the continued social-positioning of farm workers in relation to their employees.

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To all those haters out there. Here is the video you have been waiting for. This poor guy was nearly arrested by the police and received death threats. ANC members were going for the jugular. I think that is time to show more compassion for the good people in South Africa who want our country to work. out for the story soon to be aired on ENCA. We helped them setup the interview with all parties involved. Here is a story behind the story.. OK ,the story behind the video. The farmer stopped on a farm and was asked to give the lady a lift. So he did. They way in which he gave the lift is questionable but read on. This happened on Tuesday. On Thursday the photo reaches eblockwatch and we decide to find out why the lady was in a cage. We tracked down the owner and asked him whats up. He says, "strange thing". The police were at his office and took a picture of his bakkie then they asked to see the lady. They said that they wanted to see her alive giving the guy quite a fright. He then said he was going to the clinic to get her details. from there we are not too sure how he tracked her down but he did. We then suggested that he takes a video of her to prove to the cops that she was alive. So the video was made not about the fact that she was on the back of the bakkie but for proof that their was no foul play and that she was alive. Interesting story. Ok. Let's make everyone happy. We are going to bring the concerned parties together to have a chat. What this space.Guys. Sorry I can not read all the comments. I think that this is an important learning curve for all South Africans. We have to think about this. If it was the farmer's wife would she have sat on the back? Just asking.Take it easy with your comments and behave. Video to prove that there are good people in this world. Join us make this happen in South Africa. Share this post. Eblockwatch is all about helping those who are not in a position to help themselves. We have locked up abusive police officer ,rapists robbers and con artists. We also protect women from abusive partners and we love catching con artists and social bullies. We have 17 years of experience and 88000 good South African's who we call on to help us do this. We nailed "the Facebook" rapist live on TV years ago. We love what we do and will always stand up for the underdog .Today we believe that we have a situation where a good man, with good intentions needs our support.He is being used and abused to gain votes for political parties. A strategy I would say is cyber bullying.We may be proved wrong but we have done some home work and we believe that we are correct. This picture above is a person doing a good deed and getting nailed for it.Join us and follow the steps of this story as they develop. Join us make South Africa a nice place to live and stand up for what is right. I would love to know the story behind this picture. Who was driving? Why she was in a cage?Eblockwatch tracked down the owner.I have the story behind the picture. She jumped on the back and climbed into the cage. The owner asked her if she wanted to sit in front and she said no. He then dropped her off in town. She wave thank you to him and he drove off. He says that he often gives lifts to people because he feels sorry for them and he feels that he is building goodwill in South Africa by assisting where we can. have breaking news. Watch the link above.

Posted by Andre Snyman on Thursday, 19 January 2017

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