The highest number of South African overseas voters are in London where over 9 000 have registered. Outside of South Africa, London has by far the most amount of voters.

This is eight times more than any other foreign missions including Dubai and Canberra

The 9 000 registered voters are expected to arrive at South Africa House, in Trafalgar Square, from 7 am UK time – when things get underway – right through until 11:30 pm.

Extending the polling time is just one of the many measures that have been put into place to make sure voting runs smoothly, following complaints of long queues in the last elections.

Five years ago, the Democratic Alliance (DA) got the most votes from South Africans living in London, with a huge majority of 84% and it’s unlikely that will change much.

But the ANC says they have been mobilizing and are hopeful of making some gains particularly now that Cyril Ramaphosa is President.

Once votes have been cast, the ballot is sealed and placed in diplomatic bags to be transported back to the Electoral Commission.

The results of the overseas votes are only revealed after the elections on May 8.