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SAHUC negotiates reduced price for Hajj camps

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Following extensive meetings with the Ministry of Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) has concluded the pricing of the various camps for Hajj 1439/2018. Amongst other topics covered at its meetings with the Muassasah, SAHUC managed to negotiate a reduced price for the camps.

SAHUC president, Mohamed Vaid, explained that Camp A, commonly known as the additional services of special services, has been set at SAR 5,300.  Camp B + is set at SAR 1,750 and an additional SAR 350 for the food that is to be supplied for the five days of hajj.

“These prices include the new five per cent VAT that has been instituted in the Kingdom. Hoteliers have been informed of a municipal tax, most probably this will be included in the packages shown by the agents, but this is what we have to be cognizant of,” he stated.

In addition, there are two separate tannazul fees; those landing in Jeddah will pay SAR 1,270 and those landing in Madinah will be paying SAR 1,184.

Given the increased quota by 1000 hujjaaj, Vaid said that the pricing will remain the same for the total number of 3500 hujjaaj.

SAHUC is currently negotiating to ensure that the additional 1000 are not placed on the outskirts of Mina so that the entire South African camp is housed in the same area within the boundary of the plain of Mina.

“The authorities have said they will try and do their best to whatever is best logistically, but we need to be cognizant and understand that space is limited and obviously they have to cater for the rest of the countries of the world as well.”

Vaid said that every haji is entitled to request from an operator a breakdown of the pricing.

“We always advise hujjaaj at the earliest possible time, to contract with the operator, as well as make the payments, because this safeguards [the hujjaaj] from any fluctuation in the pricing.”

Every accredited haji’s e-Hajj portal needs to be completed on the system by the closing date.

Unlike previous years, where payment extended until after Ramadan in South Africa, Vaid asserts that the closure of the e-Hajj system is set for the Sha’baan 28, corresponding to May 14, 2018.

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