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SASSA Gold cardholders receive reprieve as expiry concerns dispelled

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By Lee-Yandra Paulsen

In a recent announcement, Postbank sought to quell concerns regarding the expiration of SASSA Gold cards for social grant beneficiaries. Contrary to previous expectations, SASSA Gold cardholders can now breathe a sigh of relief as their cards are set to remain functional beyond December 2023. The spokesperson for Postbank, Dr. Bongani Diako, addressed this matter during an interview with VOC Breakfast on Wednesday.

Diako provided reassurance, stating, “The SASSA gold cards will work beyond December. We had originally indicated that the cards will be swapped and will stop working by December, but collaboratively the industry and card scheme have ensured that the cards work December. This does not mean we are not going to replace the cards; we are planning to replace the SASSA cards in the next part of next year.”

He went on to clarify that all SASSA Gold cardholders, regardless of the expiry date printed on their cards, can expect to continue accessing their grants through the card via the usual channels. The SASSA Gold cards function much like conventional bank cards, allowing beneficiaries to withdraw grant payments from ATMs or make purchases at retailers that accept the card. Furthermore, it offers the convenience of withdrawing grant payments from retailers using the cashback feature.

Importantly, Diako emphasized that beneficiaries should not be coerced into making purchases at retailers to access their grant funds.
He stated, “SASSA gold card users should be aware that no retailer is allowed to force them to buy anything for them to get their money. Beneficiaries should be able to withdraw their money in full if that is what they wish to do.”

However, Diako cautioned beneficiaries to remain vigilant, as there are individuals who may attempt to take advantage of the situation. He noted that the process of replacing the SASSA cards has not yet been initiated and is scheduled to commence next year. If beneficiaries have any doubts or concerns, they are encouraged to reach out to Postbank or SASSA at 0800 53 54 55 for further clarification.

SASSA Gold cardholders can be assured that their access to social grants will continue beyond the previously anticipated expiry date, with the replacement process set to begin in the coming year. This announcement provides much-needed relief to beneficiaries, ensuring the uninterrupted receipt of essential financial assistance.

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Photo: SASSA

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