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Scholar warns of interacting with ‘entities’

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A leading practitioner in exorcism and related matters is warning parents and teachers to be vigilant of students who may want to play the controversial ‘Charlie Charlie’ game, an unfortunate trend that is doing the rounds at schools across the city. While principals have issued a strong warning to children to refrain from trying the game, threatening suspension for any who caught playing it, scholars have come in with a more theological approach by warning against interacting with paranormal ‘entities’.

Maulana Nazeem Sallie of the United Ulama of Southern Suburbs has stressed that the “demonic game” is likely to cause severe emotional, mental and potentially physical trauma on children. Some reports have stated that students have been scared to the point of contemplating suicide.

Sallie said calling on entities, which is effectively the core aim of the game, was a form of ‘shirk’ or religious sin. He warned that players would unwittingly be signing ‘deals’ with the entity they were calling on.

“Automatically they create deals and contracts without them knowing. So when they have this contract they (entity) have a stronger impact upon hurting the individual, or possessing them,” he said.

With some students complaining of cuts marks appearing on their body, the scholar warned that this was a sign of the entity “marking its territory”.

“When they play this game many of them start overthinking, and they can’t handle the pressure and voices. There have been quite a few cases of kids being possessed and sitting straight up without blinking, and things like that,” he claimed.

He suspected that the rise in popularity of the game was down to children naturally being attracted to things that were “out of the ordinary”. This was evident in the fact that the game allegedly involves pencils moving by themselves.

Sallie urged parents to take a more active stance in driving their kids away from such activities, and bringing them closer to their religion. He listed signs of possible possession as children becoming noticeably irritable and irritated during the recitation of the Quran or any similar religious activity, as well as complaining of feeling hot in such scenarios.

For any assistance on matters in this regard please contact Maulana Nazeem Sallie at 082 706 9983. VOC

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