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Scholars declare ISIS bogus

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The following is an open letter by a group of South African scholars who have declared ‪‎the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) caliphate as ‘bogus’.

Cowardly evil man using religion as an excuse for violence again! ISIS and their beliefs have no place in a civilized world.

A torturous spate of terrorism that continues by the ISIS has brought Muslim Ummah in general into disrepute. There is no gainsaying the fact that the Muslims on the whole oppose and condemn terrorism in unequivocal terms and are not ready to accept it even as remotely related to Islam in any manner.

A group called ISIS, presently, killing thousands of Muslims in Iraq in the name of Jihad. Some media try to label them as Sunni Muslims and propagating as a conflict between Sunni vs. Shia. But in fact, they are not Sunni Muslims. They are Khwarijites who are the Wahabis – so called Salafis, considered as one of the misguided groups by majority traditional Sunni Muslims.

As the terrorist group, ISIS continues to capture and control more territory in Iraq and Syria, it is important to realize what is at stake in the region and for the world.

The challenge that ISIS poses is not just to Iraq’s stability but also to the world security. ISIS is a terrorist group with their own army and bank account that has a clear and growing ability to conduct terrorist attacks against any Iraqi government around the globe.

Isis has shown its ruthlessness and brutality in the areas of Syria and Baghdad by blowing up Islamic heritage sites, masjids and even killing and slaughtering ulema.

Today some Muslim brothers, without having proper knowledge about them, supporting these terrorists and sharing their messages on Facebook.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters! Beware from these Khawarijites and do not give any support to them. Also pass this message with everyone and inform your friends about them.

There is a need to distance the title ‘sunni’, ‘Muslim’, ‘Islam’ from ISIS as the acts of the ISIS is terrorism and has no place in Islam.

The question is whether we take action against ISIS now or deal with the consequences later here on South African soil.

Islam is a religion of peace and safety that champions love and harmony in society. According to Islamic teachings, only such a person will be called a Muslim at whose hands the lives and properties of all the innocent Muslims and non-Muslims remain safe and unhurt. The sanctity of human life and its protection occupies fundamental place in the Islamic law.

Taking anyone’s life for nothing and killing him is an act forbidden and unlawful. Rather, in some cases, it amounts to infidelity. These days, the ISIS terrorists, in a vain attempt to impose their own ideas and beliefs and eliminate their opponents from the surface of the earth, killing innocent people ruthlessly and indiscriminately everywhere in Mosques, governmental offices and other public places are in fact committing manifest infidelity.

The ISIS, even today, invoke Islam and raise slogan to establish their bogus divine order/Khilafah , but all of their actions and steps constitute a clear violation of Islamic teachings. When their supporters do not have any legal argument to defend the actions of ISIS, they draw the attention of people to the vices of the ruling elites and oppression of the imperialist forces as a justification for their killing.

Please South Africans don’t stay quiet and complain afterwards, be proactive. When you see something massively wrong, speak out if you can.

ISIS is a threat to all humanity. They are not from Islam. Islam is against killing innocent Humans, Terrorism and creating chaos. The ISIS must be boycotted and eradicated.

Sometimes in order to unite a common agenda, a common enemy is required. ISIS is an enemy against humanity and humanity needs to unite against them.

The editor of Sawt-ul-Islam, Sayed Ridhwaan Mohamed Ziyaee, together with other South African ulema Bodies and religious organisations has dismissed the Khilafah declaration because it is not in the interest of Muslims around the globe and its unity now, and will be taken as a pretext to divide the Muslim world and harming people.

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  1. which south african organisations? the MJC ICSA SHURA JAMIATS VOC ADL ???

    but i everything they are sunnis, are not the saudi salafi wahabi taliban al qaeda boko haram al nusra fsa is isil sunnis?

    and wow!! of course they are the equivalent of the khawarij but so are the former which they morphed FROM

    where is the dividing line? there wasnt and isnt!

  2. Has there ever been a call from S.A. for a khilafah to be established by the Ummah of Muhammad (SAW) or an initiative to support its establishment in any "Muslim Country", or even lectures rendered in this country to teach Muslims about the importance of establishing a khalifah and therefore encourage them to make hijrah? Secondly, it is the Western Media which calls them ISIS, they refer to themselves as {IS}, meaning Islamic State! Which has an army to engage in Jihad until judgement day and they are { pro Shariah and anti-man made law (DEMON-CRACY) }. The khalifah is established on {Muslim Land} with an {Amir who is a Muslim with PHD in Islamic studies} If [IS] is a threat to all humanity why was the German journalist allowed to document in their territory for ten days and was not killed? Why were the Hindu nurses shielded and then deported back to their country, i wonder why?
    It has been narrated on the authority of Jabir bin 'Abdullah who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (SAW) say: A group of people from my Ummah will continue to fight in defence of truth and remain triumphant until the Day of Judgment. [Sahih Muslim (3/1524) No. 1923]

  3. Dear Abdul Malik Motale,

    ISIS has killed and raped many non-Muslims especially the Yazidis and forced those Christians who had been living there for centuries to either convert to Islam or pay the Jizyah.

    Based on the hadith you quoted, I don’t think ISIL is representing the truth of the Prophet (SAW) and the religion of Islam. They have their own version of truth which makes no sense at all.

    If you are not happy here in South Africa with our democracy, please feel free to leave and join ISIS. Don’t bother coming back.

    I’m a peaceful Muslim here in South Africa, contributing to my country in a positive manner. If you want to fight in jihad, do it in a different country. South Africa has been through enough already. Don’t you think?

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