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‘Speechless, tearful and fulfilled’, CT Muslims in awe of Prophetic relics

By Tauhierah Salie

Viewing of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) relics has proven to be a heartening experience for those who attended the exhibition this week.

Muslims from across the Mother City made their way through to Masjidul Al Quds in Gatesville to take part in the “Sacred Trusts Exhibition”. It has been jointly hosted by several Muslim organisations from Monday 4- Wednesday 6 March. People were invited to view the invaluable relics free of charge.

The artifacts included several pieces of clothing which belonged to the Prophet (PBUH), or items which were in his presence.

Despite the length of the tour being a mere few minutes, when VOC attempted to hear the opinions of those on their way out, many said they were too emotional to speak or overwhelmed.

A strand of hair from the Prophet (PBUH)’s beard.

Those who did however muster the courage to talk to us, spoke of it being a profound experience.

Mother to four children, Zarooniesa, said she could not let the opportunity slip her by.

“It felt so great just to (so to say) “Ziyarat” parts of the prophet SAW (PBUH). I was telling my daughter as I came out that its like a touch of Madina. And when I had to fetch them at school, I couldn’t let them miss out on this blessing here in Cape Town, on our doorstep! When I asked them (if they want to come) they got excited and said “Yes!” and they enjoyed it.”

Carpet from the burial chamber of the Prophet (PBUH)

A young reciter Mohammad highlighted the magnitude of his experience.

“It’s very spiritually uplifting to know that we have the privilege of getting of the Prophet (PBUH)’s barakah (blessing). We can get a lot of benefits if we make the most of it. Those who do still intend to come should make niyah (intention) that when they do come in front of the relics, they are going to Ziyarat (visit) the Prophet Insha-Allah (God Willing).”

“It was such an honour to be able to
witness the relics! To be able to stand
in front of the dust of the Prophets
(PBUH)’s kabr and make dua…
it is as if you’re standing in Madina
and the feeling just consumes you.
We are so fortunate Alhamdulillah
(All praise to the Allah),” sobbed Shafeeqah.

(Image: Dust from the grave of the Prophet (PBUH))


A young mother of two, Raeesa, spoke of how she yearns to meet Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the next life.

“It was just a deep connection for a man that we’ve heard and read so much about. I was very tearful when I saw his footprint and how I wish that I could walk in his footsteps in some way and to meet him in the next, In Shaa Allah,” Raeesa said while wiping away her tears.

Photograph of the footprint of the Prophet (PBUH) 

Uncle Boebie noted that this was an opportunity of a lifetime and urged the youth to attend.

“Many people that were here had an opportunity they would never get again, especially our young people. To learn about the history of our Nabi SAW (PBUH). Even the old people- that’s why you see when the old people come around, they cry because for them it was a dream,” said Abdurahmaan.

A lock from the Ottoman era used to seal the burial chamber of the Prophet (PBUH) 

He added that he was privileged enough to smell one of the items and likened the experience to fulfilling the lifelong goal of many Muslims- to be in the Haram and see the Kabaa.

“Before, all we did is read about our Nabi SAW (PBUH). Here are things (of his) we are so close to now. I had the honour of smelling the prophet’s (PBUH) cloak from that time. Even after 14 hundred years, the fragrance is still there. Do you know what it does to a person that is a Muslim and believes? It touches you. It’s like when you go to the Kabaa and see it for the first time, you know the feeling you get? It’s like that.”

Piece of the Prophets (PBUH) cloak which still smells of his musk

Australian resident Kashiefa also urged the broader community to attend.

“I came as a visitor from overseas and I was just blessed to be able to witness this. Standing there it was just… (gasps) heartfelt. It was very sacred. I urge everyone who can come to come and have a viewing of it- it’s amazing, it really is,” said Kashiefa while fighting back tears.

Piece of the Prophets (PBUH) turban

One of the organisers, Shaheed Daniels explained the foot traffic and made an interesting observation.

“In the morning there are about 200, mostly women. In the afternoon it’s quieter, but in the evenings it’s a rush. What I’ve seen, about 60% of the older women come out crying. I’ve noticed that all the older people are not turning their back to the relics. When they leave, they go out (like this), facing the relics. They’re not turning their backs on it, that’s something that (says a lot).”

A special Ziyarat program will be held at the masjid to bid farewell to relics and one of the organisers, Na’eem Khan, is expected to re-cap its authenticity.

The event takes place at Masjidul Quds between Maghrib and Eshai on Wednesday evening, 6 March 2019.

All are welcome to attend.

Image Credits: Shafiq Morton

** NOTE:  The names in this article have been changed.


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  1. The exhibition was mind blowing. Honoured to have witnessed it . May the Almighty reward the people that organised the exhibition.

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