The power utility said it continued with loadshedding throughout the night in an effort to build up necessary water reserves in the pump storage scheme.

Eskom revealed in a statement that even with the implementation of stage 4 loadshedding on Saturday, it experienced a further decline in water reserves, which was used to supplement generation capacity.

The power utility said stage 4 loadshedding was necessitated by loss of capacity which included imports from Mozambique due to cyclone Idai.

Stage 4 means loadshedding will occur 12 times over a 4 day period for 2 hours at a time, or over an 8 day period for 4 hours at a time.

People are advised to check the Eskom or municipality websites for loadshedding schedules.

South Africans reacted with anger, fury and disbelief on social media platforms, with some blaming corruption and mismanagement at the power utility for the outages.

(Source: SABC News)