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Swimmers make unexpected friend in Simon’s Town

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Two locals had a whale of a time snorkelling in Simon’s Town when a Humpback decided to join their expedition and swim alongside them, leaving them stunned by its beauty and peaceful nature.

The friendly whale swam right up to the snorkellers.

Local photographer Riaan Coetzer captured the magical moments that unfolded when two friends snorkelling at Fisherman’s beach were joined by the curious Humpback whale.

An unexpected guest joined the snorkelling expedition.

The lucky pair just happened to be swimming in the area when the majestic giant swam right up to them.

The whale swam by for a closer look.

The curious marine mammal showed no signs of shyness as it repeatedly swam by the swimmers.

Swimming back and forth, the marine mammal made sure to get a good look and seemed to enjoy the encounter as much as the swimmers did.

The photographer is still not sure who the lucky swimmers are, but is hoping to giving them these amazing pictures if he finds out.

One thing is for sure, whether you’ve got the pictures to prove it or not, this is an unforgettable experience.

Pictures: Riaan Coetzer

(Source: capetownetc)

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