Always within Arafat’s embrace

This forms part of a series of haj stories written by Cape Town doctor Salim Parker. It is currently being published monthly on his website www.hajjdoctor.co.za. They looked at their Ihrams. Both have worn their respective garbs four times, once on Hajj and on three other separate occasions when they[…]

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#Haj2016 comes to an end

Hujjaj performed their last pelting ritual at the Jamarat today, bringing an end to the physically and mentally rites of haj. While extra safety measures have been put in place, there was some crowding at the Jamarat complex on Wednesday, as throngs of pilgrims made their way to throw all[…]

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Hujjaaj reassemble in Mina

It was a busy day for pilgrims who reassembled in Mina on Monday after spending the night in Muzdalifah. They stoned Jamarat Al-Aqaba (the big Satan), slaughtered sacrificial animals, shaved hairs, and got out of the state of ihram. A large number of them headed toward the Grand Mosque for[…]

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Hujjaj getting ready for Arafat

Hujjaj are settling into the tent city of Mina today, as they prepare for the climax of haj – the day of Arafat on Sunday. About 1.5 million pilgrims have arrived in Mina for day one of the haj, facing intense heat of up to 45 degrees. As helicopters hover[…]

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