18 April 2019 / 12 Sha’ban 1440

Bonteheuwel calls for support for NZ solidarity picket


Following a week of pickets, the community of Bonteheuwel will come together for a final human chain outside the Bonteheuwel mosque in solidarity with the victims of the Christchurch terror attack in New Zealand. It’s been a week of mourning for the country, as it deals with the aftermath of Friday’s gruesome terror attack, in which 50 people were slain inside the Al Noor and Linwood mosques. Janazah prayers for two victims were held today, with the rest to be performed on Thursday.

“We condemn massacres across the world where vile acts of terrorism are perpetrated against mankind simply for their religious beliefs,” said the Bonteheuwel Joint Peace Forum.

“We note the murders of Christians in Nigeria and condemn in the strongest terms these hideous acts of genocide against humanity.”

“Terrorism is a gross act of cowardice on the part of the terrorist who through radical fundamentalist thinking perform gruesome acts against humanity to instill fear, anger, hatred and intolerance.”

Community activist Claudia Groenmeyer has been lauded for initiating the #BonteheuwelinSolidaritywithChristchurchNZ campaign. On Sunday, the Joint Peace Forum consulted with the Aljaamia Uthmaania Mosque Committee and got permission to extend the campaign to Friday 22 March 2019. Residents are urged to support the picket from 12h30 until 14h00 on Friday 22 March.

The Joint Peace Forum said while Capetonians mourn with New Zealand, they should also remember the violation of human rights on home soil. The wanton loss of life to gang violence remains the single biggest challenge for Cape Flats communities where civilian safety and mobility is under threat.

“Right here in our beautiful Bonteheuwel there are unscrupulous gun slingers committing hideous crimes on our doorsteps. Let us remember our own friends, family, neighbours and fellow residents who have lost innocent loved ones due to gun violence,” the movement said in a statement.

“Let us the community of Bonteheuwel show that these acts of terrorism will have the opposite effect. It will galvanize Bonteheuwel people of all ages, creed, colour and religion to come together on Friday to show the world that the most basic human nature is that of perpetual love.”

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