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Mass moulood now moved earlier

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Those looking forward to this year’s mass moulood will have to pen in the date Wednesday 16 December, following a last minute change. Event organisers Mawlid SA said they received good news this week that the Chief Minister of the state of Perak in Malaysia will attend the event as a special guest, but due to a tight schedule, could not be here next weekend. The event still takes place at the Athlone Stadium from 5pm.

“His entourage arrives on the 13th of December but unfortunately have to leave Cape Town on the 17th December. Thus we are changing the date from the 19th December to the public holiday on Wednesday 16th December to accommodate our esteemed guests,” said Mawlid SA in a statement.

“This change is an opportunity for South Africa to foster great relations between Cape Town, South Afritca and Perak, Malaysia.”

Amongst the guests this year are the Legendary Egyptian Qari Shaykh Ahmad Naa’ina ; His Eminence and Chief Minister of the State of Perak, Malaysia Dato Zambry Abdul Kadir and Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad bin Yahya Al Husaini Al Ninowi from Atlanta.

“MawlidSA will like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the change and encourage all to attend and spread the message, InshaAllah.”
Mawlid SA is a non-profit organisation whose funding resides on the generosity of sponsors and this year food will be sold at the Mawlid.

“At a time when society is riddled with violence, difficulty and in great need of Unity, Love, Hope and direction, Mawlid SA invites all to the court of Allah where we may celebrate the greatest Mercy and Blessing upon us, our Nabi Muhammad, Peace be upon Him, at Mass Mawlid 1437,” said organisers.

A call has been made to all masajid and community leaders to mobilise their communities to attend. Buses are set to leave from various Masajid around Cape Town and volunteers are at constant work in preparation for this auspicious community event.

Any queries please contact, 0 71 471 2271 or email You can also visit

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  1. Who was the first in history to celebrate Mawlid?

    Prophet Muhammad saw – NO
    Abu Bakr Siddiq – NO
    Umr Ibn Al Khataab – NO
    Uthmaan Bin Affaan – NO
    Ali Ibn Abi Talib – NO

    Imaam Abu Hanifa – NO
    Imaam Malik – NO
    Imaam Shafi’I – NO
    Imaam Ahmed Bin Hanbal – NO

    Imaam Bukhari – NO
    Imaam Muslim – NO
    Imaam Abu Dawood – NO
    Imaam Tirmidhi – NO
    Imaam Nasa’I – NO

    King Muzaffar ad-Din ibn Zain al-Din – YES – 600AH

    Whose Sunnah are we following?

    1. There is no argument with regard to the celebration of the Mawlid among the Ulama of all four of the Madhhabs. It is something that is accepted completely and by consensus. You must ask yourself what you are basing your Deen on. You can say Qur’an and Sunnah, but who knows more about the Qur’an and Sunnah? You & Google or King Muzaffar ad-Din ibn Zain al-Din and all the great Ulama of that time that were in complete acceptance and partook in it?

      Muzak, the birth of your Nabi (sallalahu alayhi wasalam) should be an Eid for you! Praising Allah much on this day and praising and asking blessing for His Messenger and leaving out what the christians have done with Nabi Issa (alayhi salaam). Be careful that a rejection of what the Muslims do on this day out of love for our Nabi does not turn into a rejection of the Nabi himself. He was Allah’s Nabi, loved by Allah more then any other creation. He is the only one who will intercede on our behalf on the Yaum al Qiyama.

      If you still do not wish to join the Jama’ah in the Mawlid, then at least take up that day in memory of him (sallalahu alayhi wasalam) in quiet and stillness. May it be a blessing to you and may Allah look upon you favorably because it and be a cool shade for you on the Yaum al Qiyama. May Allah shower blessings upon Nabi Muhammad, his family and his companions.

      1. Assalaamu Alaykum dear brother Nabeel.
        Yes, definitely there is no argument with regard to Mawlid among the four Madhab, as their respective Imaam’s never celebrated it.
        Was it reported that any of the Sahaabah celebrated this? No, Is it because they were not aware of its importance, or did they not truly love the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)? No one would say such a thing. The Sahaabah lived in the context of Quranic revelation and understood Islam way better than any scholar who came 600 odd years afterwards. So, who were greater scholars of Islam? The students of Rasoolullah SAW himself or some scholars who came much later.
        We should worship Allah azza wajal in the way that HE wants to be worshipped – His messenger Muhammad SAW showed us the best way of doing that. We cannot worship Allah in the way of the great Ulama – even if we think it makes sense. We need reference. Brother Nabeel, how else can we guarantee that Allah is pleased with something?
        If we truly want to celebrate the birth of Muhammad SAW – why don’t we do it in the way that he himself did it. Rasoolullah SAW was asked about fasting on Mondays, and he said: “That is the day on which I was born and the day on which I was entrusted with the Mission or when I was first given Revelation.” (Reported by Muslim, al-Nisaa’i and Abu Dawood).
        You have mentioned a day of memory – how can one do that if the date is indefinite and gets changed as pleased.
        With all due respect, brother. If this celebration is on truth, how come in the past politicians (Kuffaar) were given a platform to tell muslims about who and what Muhammad SAW is about. I find that insulting.
        Brother, as Allah knows best my intention is not to slander.
        Jumuah Mubarak.

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