The Ministry of Health says a new tobacco products control amendment law is on its way, this as the country joins the global community in celebrating “World No Tobacco Day” on Thursday.

Acting Director for Health Promotion Lorato Mahura says the public have been given until the first week of August to comment on the draft bill that highlights tobacco-related diseases such as TB, heart and other cardiovascular diseases.

Mahura says the bill seeks to legislate issues related to electronic delivery systems and issues relating to a ban on indoor public areas.

She says: “It means that we shouldn’t be able to smoke where the public has converged like indoors and also some of the outdoor areas like the stadium and your beach-front.”

“The bill also seeks to do away with point of display because it is attracting the youth to initiate smoking. Lastly, the vending machines will also have to go away because we cannot monitor them. We also want to introduce graphics warnings on the cigarettes packets because currently we have text messages that we are putting as warning but we need to but pictures as well. People must see what tobacco does instead of advertising it as something that is cool.”

She says the first NO-SMOKING laws introduced two decades ago have helped many people to quit smoking.

She says those still addicted but wanting to quit smoking must not switch to other products as they also contain high levels of nicotine.

[Source: SABC]